Welcome to Riley’s Website! 

Riley is an emerging artist and designer with over ten years of experience sewing apparel. She started young as an apprentice to her mother’s upholstery, custom drapery, and handmade clothing businesses. She graduated with a BFA in fine art from Moore College of Art & Design 19’ where she honed in her draping, and pattern-making skills. She graduated having won ‘Best in Show” consecutively for three years. She is committed to design and construct unique garments that will stand the test of time. Using sustainable materials exclusively is also very important to her ethos of contributing new beauty from discarded waste.  She is currently learning screenprinting methods to add to her practice. Her other hobbies include, costume design, interior design, carpentry & home restoration, painting, natural dying, horticulture, cooking, yoga and recently quilting. Scroll below to learn more about her work, and thanks for visiting! 

1. “Young Hearts Be Free” 

The title of Riley’s current installation on display at the Kimmel Center through Feburary 4th. 

Part 1

Behind the scenes photography on set, shot during the making of a short film featuring the costumes seen here. 

Full gallery Here: ︎

Watch the short film Here: ︎

Read Riley’s artist statement Here: ︎ 

Part 2 of Young Hearts Be Free

On display at the south side of tier 1 at the Kimmel Cultural Center. 

Featuring a quilted jacket inspired by a quilt made by Riley’s Grandmother.

Quilt Inspiration 

It’s a matching set! Also on display at tier 1. 
Strapless Bustier Tablecloth Gown & Brass Floor Lamp Bird Shade.

View the photo gallery here: ︎

2. Antiques Road Hoe ︎ Urban Outfitters 

In 2022 Urban Outfitters brand commissioned Riley to design and create several dresses in her unique and personal style for the brands replication. She sourced vintage textiles with embroidery, lace and crochet. She worked closely with the creative director to make sure the designs were tailored to meet the UO customer’s needs. See a gallery of her mock ups below.  

Curtain & flower mesh mini puff sleeve dress with shell buttons and silk binding.

Bias vintage bow appliqué scarf bodice with curtain panel skirt dress.

Tablecloths and doilies mix and match mini dress with bow ties. 

Chartreuse vintage silk bias fringe scarf cowl neck dress.

Sheer curtains with flower appliqué and gathered bodice. 

Sample mock construction work for the UO Dress Design Team:

Prior to making dresses and mocking samples, Riley worked in the color department to help research and create master color palettes to supply the designers across several sub-catagories within the brand. She assisted in trend research, pallete design, Pantone + CSI matching and documentation to meet tight deadlines.

3. Antiques Road Hoe ︎ Studio MYKE

Studio MYKE was founded by designer Helena Young.  A Philadelphia based independent fashion label using vintage textiles and garments to recycle into high quality one of a kind pieces. 

Vintage Silk Scarf Bias Slip Dresses 

Sweater Rework Set

Cashmere Rework Track Suit

Tablecloth Bowling Shirts:

Silk Kimono Patch-Work Shirt and Short Set

Table Cloth Shorts 
Sports Jersey Upcycling

Developed pattern for “Sports Jersey Knickers”

4. The Birth of “Antiques Road Hoe”

Great now I can stop talking in the 3rd person. Thanks so much for your interest in my work! 

Read my manifesto if you care to. Website is DONE now and I’ve opened an Etsy shop to start. Won’t that be fun!! ETSY SHOP :0 

Shucks I just enjoy living life so much and although I can never rest or stop sewing I’m not sure about the whole entrepreneur ︎ influencer grind thing. Despite being so pale I’d make a great farmer so this venture could disappear at any time.  

Thank you!!! From the trenches of my soul to all my friends who have supported and encouraged me thus far I am so greatful and tear up at the thought of each and every one of you. If I don’t make you a garment I WILL sow seeds in your honor. 

Some fun things to see ︎︎︎

5. “Virtue” 

Senior Collection - Moore College of Art & Design 

Made from organic and sustainable materials. Awarded Best in Show for commercial marketablility and excellent construction. 

“Trying to understand my mother’s lens of purity and wondering how I can challenge it” 


6.  Resumé 

 Riley is currently open to new work.